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Edwin Lui Listings was created to service all types of buyers and sellers of real estate in Austin and its surrounding metropolitan area including real estate in Round Rock, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Leander, Pflugerville, Liberty Hill, Hutto, Granger, and Manor.  We reach many buyers and investors to help you sell your Austin home.

Edwin Lui aims to exceed his clients’ expectations by providing elite professionalism in the real estate industry and working toward long-term relationships with clients whether they are buying real estate in Austin or listing and selling real estate in Austin.  Under a three-year mentorship of his older brother, Edward, owner and broker of Mars Hill Realty Group, Edwin has gained the knowledge, insight, professionalism, and expertise that comes from over 10 years of real estate experience.  In a short amount of time, Edwin has successfully and efficiently closed over 200 transactions (individual closes, not including team transactions) and $30 million allowing him to gain experience beyond his years.  His range of experience includes foreclosures and short sales, investment homes, first-time home buyers, downsizing, upsizing, land with acreage, luxury homes, custom-built homes, and nearly anything else you can think of.

Edwin is a licensed real estate agent in Texas with a desire to change the real estate industry to be “client-centric” and he believes there are two changes that need to happen in this industry to turn the focus back to the client – information and accountability.

Information is the key to making right decisions.  Edwin does not believe that real estate agents should hold the power in a real estate transaction.  After all, it is the client’s money at stake. Edwin is 100% transparent with his clients.  Not only does he pass on any information that is available to him, he also uses expert negotiation strategies to gather additional intel about the other party.  He gives you the honest truth about any property, even if it means more work for him or missing out on a transaction.  You own the power to make decisions based on your best interests, not his.

He also provides resources to vendors that have been vetted by past clients.  They give fast and accurate quotes that are vital to making the right decisions during a real estate transaction.

Accountability ensures the client receives the best service.  Most of today’s real estate brokerages are made up of agents living from one transaction to the next.  This type of business model places very little value on the long-term relationship of a client.  When they aren’t servicing a current client, they are busy looking for their next lead.  When an agent is constantly chasing after new leads, he will give the minimum level of service needed to close your transaction in order to move on to the next one.  Even if they did a sub-par job, they still got paid and they’ve already put it behind them.  The client suffers.

Edwin’s goal is to build long-term relationships with clients.  A long-term relationship means that Edwin is held accountable by his client even after the transaction has closed.  He knows that the level of service given to his client today has a direct and major impact on the number of future transactions and referrals the client will give him tomorrow.  It is in Edwin’s best interest to invest in that relationship by consistently overachieving even long after the transaction has closed.  He goes above and beyond his client’s expectations to satisfy his client, laying the groundwork for a long-term relationship that is mutually beneficial.  Over 85% of his closed transactions come from repeat business or referrals from happy clients.  Past clients hold him accountable to a standard of excellence and when that is delivered, they gladly refer Edwin to family and friends.

We recognize that buying and selling a home is a life-changing event for our clients.  It is our pleasure to accompany that with life-changing service.

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